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  Lot Description Est £
  364 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Selection of Marshall Art related collectables to include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, poster, news letters, magazines etc. more info | place bid 30 - 50
  365 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Three Norman Wisdom UK Quad Comedy Cinema Posters inc. On The Beat (1965), Early Bird (1965) & Press for Time (1966), all EX, rolled with vertical fold lines only more info | place bid 50 - 80
  366 FILM MEMORABILIA Alastair Sim, The Green Man, 1957. Original cinema poster & 100 others, mainly 1950's, with; Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Shelly Winters, Robert Ryan, Natalie Wood, Debbie Reynolds, Ray Milland, John Mills, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. Large black & white photo of Grace Kelly, & 2 foh stills to Hitchcock's, To Catch a Thief, + Elephant Man, Dog Day Afternoon & To Sir With Love, etc. more info | place bid 40 - 60
  367 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Two US Lobby Cards featuring Saul Bass Artwork, Exodus 1960 & In Harm's Way 1965, both Directed by Otto Preminger, pinholes to corners, minor edge damage but overall VG more info | place bid 50 - 80
  368 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of annuals, stills etc. to include Rambo, Batman, Indianna Jones etc. more info | place bid 20 - 40
  369 MOVIE MEMORABILIA This Sporting Life UK 1-Sheet 27"x 40" starring Richard Harris & Rachel Roberts, Renato Fratini Artwork, Poster near Mint more info | place bid 50 - 80
  370 FILM MEMORABILIA Charles Bronson, 1970's. Nine original cinema posters, including, The Mechanic, Mr. Majestyk, The Stone Killer, The Valanchi Papers, Murphy, Valdez, Behind the Door, Operation 100, Twinky, 2 x What's On magazines & the soundtrack LP to Death Wish 2, composed by Jimmy Page. more info | place bid 20 - 30
  371 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Two 1960's Comedy-Music UK Quad Posters inc. The Cool Mikado (Frankie Howerd) 1963 & It's All Happening (Tommy Steele) 1963, both EX more info | place bid 50 - 80
  372 FILM/CINEMA Charlie Chaplin 1928 The Circus programme for Oxford Super Cinema plus another more info | place bid 30 - 50
  373 MOVIE MEMORABILIA US Window Card Poster 14x22" for the Hammer classic She starring Ursula Andress from 1965, this being a rare example that has not been folded & remains in EX condition more info | place bid 80 - 120
  374 FILM/CDs Approx. 25 CD film scores/soundtracks to include First Blood, Batman, Fly Two, Back To The Future 3 etc. more info | place bid 20 - 40
  375 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Three Hammer Posters 20x30" inc. Vengeance Of She 1968, A Challenge For Robin Hood 1967 & The Lost Continent 1968, rolled near Mint more info | place bid 50 - 80
  376 FILM/TV Airwolf original script Death Do Us Part plus annual, magazine, stills etc. more info | place bid 30 - 50
  377 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 9 x late 1960's Posters 20x30" inc. Speedway (Elvis Presley) Funeral In Berlin (Michael Caine) Theatre of Death, Karate Killers, Ten Commandments etc., rolled, most EX more info | place bid 40 - 60
  378 MOVIE MEMORABILIA James Bond collection of annuals, books, posters, alarm clock etc. more info | place bid 30 - 50
  379 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 10x UK Quad Cinema Posters, 1960's-70's inc. The Ugly American (Marlon Brando), Father Goose (Cary Grant), The Rare Breed (James Stewart), For Love Or Money (Kirk Douglas), all EX, rolled with vertical fold lines only more info | place bid 60 - 80
  380 TELEVISION MEMORABILIA Doctor Who, 1984-86 Colin Baker related items; Mark of the Rani novel signed by Colin, 25+ cards autographed by Anthony Ainley, Kate O'Mara, Nicola Bryant, Michael Jayston, Tony Selby, & Martin Jarvis, cast photos, Doctors dvd, rare paperbacks, Colin written graphic novel & Sil ticker tape. more info | place bid 30 - 50
  381 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 17 x 1960-70's UK Quad Cinema Posters inc. Billy Budd, Charley Varrick, death Wish, Stunt Man, The Blue Lagoon, VG-EX more info | place bid 40 - 60
  382 MOVIE MEMORABILIA 50 Super Stars published by Hamlin, ring bound book plus Film Star World book & 3 others more info | place bid 20 - 30
  383 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Four 1960's bespoke Card Posters for Cinemas in Stratford & Leamington Spa inc. My Fair Lady & Charade with Audrey Hepburn, Lawrence of Arabia, Zulu etc., all 12"x 20", EX condition with original hanging tassels more info | place bid 50 - 80
  384 FILM MEMORABILIA Alfred the Great & If 1969. Original cinema posters to the cult films starring David Hemmings & Malcolm McDowell, + over 100 others, including; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Yanks, Lord Jim, Streets of Fire, Joe, Raggedy Man, The Tennant, Marty Feldman, Al Pacino, Barbara Streisand stills, etc more info | place bid 40 - 60
  385 MOVIE MEMORABILIA The Graduate US 1-Sheet Movie Poster 27"x 41" from 1969 starring Dustin Hoffman & Anne Bancroft, pinholes, edge nicks & one 1 " edge repair but overall VG more info | place bid 60 - 80
  386 TELEVISION MEMORABILIA Doctor Who, 1981-83 Peter Davison related items; Rare costume trading card, Radio Times & Look-In mags, theatre programmes, flyers, poster, photos & contact sheets, dvd, Castrovalva video, rare Black Orchid paperback & 5 others, purse, autographs of Sarah Sutton, Burt Kwouk, Ian Collier, John Normington, FX man Andy Lazell, & 50 trading cards. more info | place bid 30 - 50
  387 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Two Belgian Cinema Posters 14"x 22", Hitchcock's Torn Curtain 1966 with Paul Newman & Julie Andrews (fold line wear & 2 small edge nicks) & Ryan's Daughter, David Lean's 1970 classic, G-EX more info | place bid 50 - 80
  388 MOVIE MEMORABILIA 17 laser discs to include The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Schindlers List, Jaws, Groundhog Day, Gold Finger etc more info | place bid 20 - 30
  389 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 95x Films Illustrated Magazines, Covers inc. Connery as Bond, Streisand, Jodie Foster, Al Pacino etc., most 1970's & all in EX condition more info | place bid 40 - 60
  390 FILM MEMORABILIA Home from the Hill, 1960. Original cinema poster & 100 others, including; Electric Horseman, The Fury, Alive, Family Life, Benji, Duelists, Comes a Horseman, Sophie's Choice, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Hireling, + campaign books, f.o.h. stills to; Goldengirl, WC Fields & Me, French Lieutenant's Woman more info | place bid 40 - 60
  391 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Carry On Up The Jungle UK Quad comedy Poster 1970, light creasing, tape repair top left corner but overall VG more info | place bid 50 - 80
  392 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Mary Poppins, Royal European Film Premiere programme for Leicester Square Theatre 17th Dec 1964 in VG condition more info | place bid 20 - 40
  393 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Three pieces of Sexploitation Movie original Artwork inc. Prisoner of Passion, painting with mounts 22"x 30" (artwork similar to Chantrell), Lies, Photographic & painting 21"x 16" & Intimate Passions/Love Lessons, Photographic with mounts 15"x 20", all presented on Board mock-ups, overall VG more info | place bid 80 - 120
  394 TELEVISION MEMORABILIA Doctor Who, 1964 Mint condition set of 50 sweet cigarette picture cards, with illustrations by Richard Jennings (of TV Century 21 comic fame), depicting William Hartnell as the Doctor in an adventure with the Daleks + one empty Dalek illustrated box for ten sweet cigarettes more info | place bid 100 - 150
  395 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Sexploitation Collection inc. 16x UK Quad Cinema Posters inc. Naughty Penny, Rosie Dixon Night Nurse, Sweet Sins of Sexy Susan, Tender Flesh etc., most EX & Promo Synopsis for Come Play With Me, most 1970's more info | place bid 50 - 80
  396 MOVIE MEMORABILIA 12 Marilyn Monroe Bradford Exchange boxed collectors plates more info | place bid 40 - 60
  397 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Rare Barry Lyndon 1975 UK Poster 40"x 60" for this Stanley Kubrick Movie with Artwork by Richard Amsel, EX condition more info | place bid 60 - 80
  398 FILM MEMORABILIA Fistfuls of Dynamite, 1969 Classic Sergio Leone film starring James Coburn & Rod Steiger, original Argentinian cinema poster re-titled, Duck You Sucker, + The Hunting Party, Custer, The Long Riders, Wild Rovers, Mackenna's Gold, Hour of the Gun, & 37 others starring Forest Tucker, Robert Taylor, Chuck Conners, James Garner, Telly Savalas, Randolph Scott, Richard Boone, Franco Nero, Lee J Cobb, Cliff Robertson, Ernest Borgnine, Dennis Weaver, Lee Marvin, Gregory Peck, Lee Van Cleef x 4 more info | place bid 30 - 50
  399 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Nine UK Quad Comedy Posters inc. Woman In Red, Cannonball Run, It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet, Teenwolf plus 2 others, 11 in total, most EX more info | place bid 40 - 60
  400 TELEVISION MEMORABILIA Doctor Who, 1975-81 Tom Baker related items; Game of Time & Space, dvd game, Celebration & Armageddon Factor hardbacks, 1975 fold out poster mag., 1st issue Monster book, Dinosaur book, State of Decay talking book, badges, postcards, paperbacks, K9 Xmas dec., jigsaws, cast photos & 30 trading cards autographed by Mary Tamm, Geoffrey Beavers, Graham Crowden, John Challis, Julian Glover, Tom Chadborn, Angus Lennie, Sarah Sutton, etc more info | place bid 20 - 40
  401 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 9x Walt Disney UK Quad Movie Posters inc. Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, No Deposit No Return, Lt Robin Crusoe, Old Yella, most 1960-70's, VG-EX more info | place bid 40 - 60
  402 TELEVISION MEMORABILIA Comedy lot Collection of books & videos; Billy Connolly, Still Game, Bottom, Goodies, Not the Nine O'Clock News, Royale Family, Open All Hours, Morecombe & Wise, Yes Minister, Alan Partridge, etc more info | place bid 30 - 50
  403 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 14x US 1-Sheet Posters inc. Far From The Madding Crowd, The Fox, Petulia, The Chase, Stepford Wives etc., most 1970's, most VG-EX more info | place bid 40 - 60
  404 TELEVISION MEMORABILIA Out of the Unknown, 1969 Original 58 page typed draft script to an unmade episode, The Infra-Men, of the cult BBC science fiction series, with hand written annotations & edits by the author, Roger Parkes. Roger was the script editor for the third & fourth series & it is believed that he wrote this episode to have a constant substitute, should any of the planned episodes fall through. Accompanied by a 01.02.69 copy of the Radio Times, with Milo O'Shea front cover & interior articles on the Out of the Unknown series more info | place bid 40 - 60
  405 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 8"x 10" Front of house stills inc. 8x Wild Bunch, 5x Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Blow-Up, 5x Carquake, etc. & Sets of 8 for Dirty Harry, Baby & Battleship, Santa Claus the Movie, A Time To Love.., 62x items, most colour, most EX more info | place bid 40 - 60
  406 FILM MEMORABILIA Carry On Sergeant, 1958 Complete post production script to the first of the Carry On film series more info | place bid 40 - 60
  407 MOVIE MEMORABILIA US 30x40 Card Poster for Hitchcock's "Frenzy" 1972 with Saul Bass inspired Artwork, rolled with pinholes, minor edge nicks but overall VG more info | place bid 40 - 60
  408 FILM MEMORABILIA James Bond, License to Kill 1989 Production used prop bank note obtained from the set, large French poster, making of book, music Cd & video + Living Daylights flyer & cartoon book, official movie book, poster book, Wuthering Heights poster, magazines, etc more info | place bid 30 - 50
  409 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 8x Kung Fu/Martial Arts related Movie Posters, most 1970's from Hong Kong/China studios inc. Game of Death (with Bruce Lee), Hell Fighters Of the East, Black Belt Jones etc., 5 Quads & 3 1-Sheets, VG-EX more info | place bid 40 - 60
  410 FILM MEMORABILIA On the Buses, 1970's. Two complete post production scripts to Hammer feature films, Mutiny on the Buses & Holiday on the Buses + original cinema poster. Reg Varney, campaign book for Best Legs in the Business, Kine Magazine with cover for On the Buses & What's On magazine with, Go For a Take, front cover + Red London bus toy more info | place bid 40 - 60
  411 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Collection of 11x Aus Daybill Movie Posters 13"x 28", most 1960-70's inc. Gambit & Sleuth (with Michael Caine), Fantastic Voyage (Raquel Welch), Blue Max, Cpt Nemo, etc., all EX-Mint more info | place bid 50 - 80
  412 TELEVISION MEMORABILIA Star Trek The Next Generation A plaster life cast of actor Patrick Stewart, taken during his time on the sci-fi series, & an R.S.C. programme & ticket stub to, The Revenger's Tragedy, in which he played Hippolito, personally autographed after the matinee performance on Saturday, October 22, 1966 more info | place bid 20 - 30
  413 MOVIE MEMORABILIA Six UK Quad Horror Film Quads, most 1970's, inc. The Sentinel, Prom Night, Motel Hell, Bogey Man etc., most EX more info | place bid 30 - 50

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